How to Learn English

Learn English at Home – The Easiest Ways

Learn English at Home - The Easiest Ways

I know you want to feel comfortable and do not want to go out meanwhile you are passionate to work on your skills, no worries – There are millions who want to learn while staying in their bed or in TV lounge, maybe in their library.

I am here to help you learn English at your own cozy comfort zone. We’ll take a look at few steps which will lead you toward learning English fast. I am not going to target any particular aspect of the English language but we’ll talk about improving English overall which is Reading, Writing, Listening and most importantly Speaking (everyone’s Love).

But here is another point, How will you get to know that you are on the right track of learning English, Are you learning correct English or the English you have learned is accurate, WHO WILL CORRECT YOUR English Mistakes? We are going to address all these horrible kind of obstructions.

Step 1 – Watching TV/YouTube

The easiest and the most natural way to learn English is to watch English TV or YouTube, more specifically, Kids TV when you are an absolute beginner. Here we have a list of English channels for beginners.

There are multiple Channels where you can learn English on the GO.

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YOUTUBE Channels to Learn English Fast

Step 2 – Keeping a Diary, Facebook Page or a Blog

Writing something on every second day or on daily basis helps you learn Flawless and grammatically correct English. I have personally experienced that people tend to write more have massive vocabulary and flawless English. They write and build a community where they are sometimes corrected by others and sometimes they correct themselves. While Writing this post for you, I am doing the same – running a blog. Being honest, when I started my first Facebook Page, I didn’t even have the basic knowledge of Grammatical rules back in 2013.

Here we have collected a list of List of Facebook Pages to Learn English fast and regularly.

List of Facebook Pages to Learn English 

Step 3 – Online English Classes

Hiring a tutor online for your English classes is found to be one of the best practices to learn English without any hassle of going to an institute. Today, Reputed institutions and individuals offer one to one and group sessions which can be subscribed as per your need.

List of Websites offering Best English Courses Online

Step 4 – Radio

To me, Listening to English Radio (BBC Radio, VoA Radio) has been a great exercise to improve English listening and speaking. Listening to Radio helps you learn English naturally, You can work on your English language learning even when you are sleeping. It helps you maintain an environment where you are surrounded by English language.

You can work on your language when it does not require you full attention. Let’s say you are doing some minor chores you can continue listening and learning. The results will be beautiful even you won’t have to put efforts and you will notice that you have started improving English after a few days.

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