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20 Most Commonly Mispronounced Words

mispronounced English Words used in daily life

Correct Pronunciation helps speak better and flawless English. We have a list of 20 most commonly mispronounced words in Pakistan particularly. The point is these are the words that are so frequently mispronounced that if you correct somebody, they say “You are wrong, we have been pronouncing these words for years.” So dear learners, let’s find out what are those wrongly pronounced words.

Commonly Mispronounced Words with Urdu Written Pronunciation

Flourفلور  فلاور  
Womenوومین  وی مَن  
Receiptرِسیپٹ  رِسِیٹ  
Jewelryجِیُولری  جُولرِی  
Commentکمنٹکا منٹ
Analysisاینا لائسزاَنالِسز
Onionاوونی انان یَن
Almondآل منڈآمنڈ
Potatoپوٹے ٹوپٹی ٹو
Breakfastبریک فاسٹبریک فسٹ
Vegetableویجی ٹیبلویج ٹبل
Wednesdayویڈ نیسڈےوینسڈے
Continuousکنٹی نیُوسکنٹی نُوَس
Engineer اِنجی نی اراینج نی اَر
Pizzaپیزاپیت زا
Cacheکیشے  کیش  


Commonly Mispronounced Words

  • Flour
Florr ☓ٖFlower ✓
  • Women
Woman ☓We-muhn ✓
  • Receipt
Reseept ☓Reseet ✓
  • Jewelry
jew-lary ☓Joolry ✓
  • Asthma
As-tha-ma ☓Az-ma ✓
  • Comment
Kment ☓Kaa-ment ✓
  • Library
Lib-rary ☓Libruhri ✓
  • Analysis
Ana-lie-sis ☓Ana-lisiz ✓
  • Oven
Ovven ☓Uh-wn ✓
  • Onion
On-yun ☓Un-yun ✓
  • Almond
All-mond ☓Ah-mond ✓
  • Potato
Po-teh-to ☓Puhtei-to ✓
  • Hotel
Hotal ☓Ho-tell ✓
  • Breakfast
Break-fast ☓Brek-fuhst ✓
  • Vegetable
Vegi-table ☓Vej-tuh-bL ✓
  • Wednesday
Wed-nes-day ☓Wenz-dei ✓
  • Continuous
Conti-newss ☓Continu-us ✓
  • Engineer
Engeeniar  ☓En-juh-neer ✓
  • Pizza
Pizza ☓Peet-suh ✓
  • Cache
Cachey ☓Cash ✓

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