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Direct and Indirect Speech Rules in Urdu PDF Download

Direct and Indirect Speech Rules in Urdu PDF download learn Direct Indirect narration definition, rules, conversion, examples and exercise with Urdu Translation.

Direct Speech:

Direct speech is a report of the exact words used by a speaker or writer. for example She said, “I am watching a movie”.

Indirect Speech:

 A report on what someone else said or wrote without using that person’s exact words. for example She said that she was watching a movie.

Direct and indirect speech in Urdu

Direct Speech Example Sentence:

He said to me, “I am going to Karachi.”

There are two parts of Direct Speech sentence.

He said to me.(Part 1)

I am going to Karachi.(part 2)

Reporting Speech (Part 1):

In first part we use subject, object and single comma(,).

Reported Speech (Part 2):

This part falls in inverted commas at both sides(” “).

Direct and indirect speech rules in Urdu

Persons of Pronouns:

I My Me
You Your You
They Their Them
He His Him
She Her Her
We Our Us

1st Person:

I My Me
We Our Us

2nd Person:

You Your You

3rd Person:

They Their Them
He His Him
She Her Her

Direct indirect rules in Urdu PDF


1. In Simple and Negative sentence

Said to > Told

Say to > Tell

2. In Interrogative Sentence

Said to > Asked

Say to > Ask

3. Sentence of Order, Advise or request

Said to > Ordered. Advised, requested.

Direct indirect rules and examples in Urdu

4. Said to > Proposed

5. Sentence of joy, sorrow or wonder

Said to >Exclaimed with joy (خوشی)

Said to >Exclaimed with sorrow (افسوس)

Said to >Exclaimed with wonder (حیرت)


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