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List of 100 Proper Nouns in English

List of 100 Proper Nouns in English

Proper nouns are special types of nouns that are used to refer to specific people, places, things, or organizations. They are unique names that give distinct identities to individuals or entities. Proper nouns are always capitalized, regardless of their position in a sentence.

Here’s an example to help you understand Proper Noun:

Imagine you have a pet dog. You could give your dog a name, let’s say “Max.” In this case, “Max” is a proper noun because it is a unique name that refers to your specific dog. It is different from common nouns like “dog” or “animal” because it identifies a particular individual.

So, if you say, “I took Max for a walk,” you are using a proper noun to specifically refer to your dog. The name “Max” is capitalized to show that it is a proper noun.

Proper nouns are important because they help us be clear and specific when we talk about people, places, things, or organizations. They provide unique names that distinguish one individual or entity from others.

Here are some key characteristics of proper nouns:

  • Specificity: Proper nouns are used to identify and refer to specific individuals, places, organizations, or things.
  • Capitalization: Proper nouns always begin with a capital letter, distinguishing them from common nouns.
  • Uniqueness: Proper nouns are distinct names that help differentiate one entity from others. They provide a specific identity to an individual or entity.
  • Names of People: Proper nouns can be names of people, such as John, Emily, or Michael.
  • Names of Places: Proper nouns can also represent specific locations or geographic entities, such as Paris, London, or Mount Everest.
  • Names of Organizations: Proper nouns can refer to the names of companies, institutions, or organizations, such as Apple Inc., Harvard University, or United Nations.

Examples of proper nouns include:

  • People’s Names: John, Emily, Michael
  • Place Names: Paris, London, Mount Everest
  • Company Names: Apple Inc., Nike, Coca-Cola
  • Book Titles: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, To Kill a Mockingbird

Proper nouns are important because they help us communicate clearly and specifically. By using proper nouns, we can refer to particular individuals, places, things, or organizations with their unique names.

List of 100 Proper Nouns:

    1. Africa
    2. English
    3. Europe
    4. Facebook
    5. Ferrari
    6. Ford
    7. France
    8. Germany
    9. Google
    10. Harman miller
    11. Heidi
    12. Himalayas
    13. India
    14. Indian ocean
    15. Italian
    16. Janet
    17. January
    18. Agatha Christie
    19. Atlantic Ocean
    20. Audi
    21. Australia
    22. Bata
    23. Berlin Wall
    24. Black
    25. BMW
    26. Burger king
    27. California
    28. Canon
    29. China
    30. Christmas
    31. Coke
    32. Daily news
    33. Daniel
    34. Deadpool
    35. December
    36. Dell
    37. Doctor Norris
    38. Dollar
    39. Dr. Morgan
    40. Eiffel Tower
    41. England
    42. Japan
    43. Jennifer Lopez
    44. Jim
    45. John
    46. Judaism
    47. Jupiter
    48. Justin
    49. Lady Gaga
    50. Oxford university
    51. Paris
    52. Pennsylvania
    53. Pepsi
    54. Peter pan
    55. Poppy
    56. Potato
    57. Pubg
    58. Quaker Oats
    59. Queen
    60. Rockledge
    61. Roman Catholic
    62. Russia
    63. Russian
    64. Samsung
    65. September
    66. Simon
    67. Sunday
    68. Sydney
    69. Titanic
    70. Tokyo
    71. Tropicana
    72. Tuesday
    73. Twitter
    74. United state
    75. USA
    76. Usain bolt
    77. Van Gogh
    78. Violet
    79. Walmart
    80. War and peace
    81. White house
    82. Wimbledon
    83. Women’s Day
    84. NASA
    85. SpaceX
    86. London
    87. Maria
    88. Maya
    89. McDonald’s
    90. Memorial day
    91. Mercedes
    92. Michel
    93. Microsoft
    94. Monday
    95. Moon
    96. Mount Everest
    97. Nasa
    98. New york
    99. Nikon
    100. Oreo
List of 100 Proper Nouns in English

List of 100 Proper Nouns in English