Learn Common Types of Money in English with Urdu Meanings money has many forms by its use for every purpose of money we use different names and we can’t say word “Money” everywhere in this lesson you will learn different forms of money with their Urdu explanation.

Types of Money

Bribe – رشوت

illegally received for a service


Aid – امداد

to help or support


Wage – مزدوری

for a day worker


Loan – ادھار

borrowed from a bank


Salary – تنخواہ

employer gives you


allowance – وظیفہ

you give to your children


Fine – جرمانہ

money extracted as a penalty



paid to a kidnapper


Alimony – طلاق کے بعد کا خرچ

in case of a divorce


Tax – محصول

charge for the service of government


Pension – سالانہ یا ماہانہ وظیفہ

post retirement


Debt – قرض

when you owe


Fee – فیس

at a school or college


Donation – چندہ

at a mosque, temple or a church


Tip – خدمت کا انجام

offer someone for a service