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Bad Habits Vocabulary with Urdu Meanings

Bad habits vocabulary

This article is about bad habits given with their meanings in Urdu for English learners to make learning easier. People have different bad habits and can’t avoid them because they have been practicing that habit for a long time. Talking about bad habits can be tough if you don’t know their English, don’t worry, we have brought all the English words used to talk about bad habits with Urdu meanings for you.

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Bad Habits Vocabulary in Urdu

Bad Habits Urdu Meanings
Bite nails ناخُن چبانا
Spitting تھُوکنا
Tapping fingers اُنگلی بجانا
Tapping feet پاؤں بجانا
Chewing with open mouth کھُلے منہ کھانا
Chewing pencil پینسل چبانا
Snoring خراٹے لینا
Cracking knuckles انگلیاں چٹخانا
Twirling hair بالوں کے ساتھ کھیلنا
Picking nose ناک کا میل نکالنا
Slouching back لٹک/جُھک کر بیٹھنا
Cursing گالی گلوچ کرنا
Shaking legs ٹانگیں ہِلانا
Littering جگہ جگہ کچرا پھینکنا
Procrastinating کام کو لٹکانا
bad habits vocabulary in urdu for daily. English to Urdu vocabulary

Bad habits vocabulary in Urdu for daily use

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