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List of A to Z Synonyms Words in English

List of A to Z Synonyms Words in English

List of A to Z Synonyms Words in English learn commonly used synonym words list from a to z for exams preparation this lesson contains a broad list of synonym words we use in our daily life.


Arrive reach
Artful crafty
Association organization
Assure guarantee
Attractive appealing
Away absent
Awful terrible
Admit confess
Almost nearly
Animated lively
Annoy irritate, bother
Answer reply
Anyway besides
Apparent obvious
Appear seem
Applicable relevant
Appreciable considerable
Arise occur
Aromatic fragrant



branch department
brave courageous
back to reintroduce
up rise
business commerce, trade
busy engaged
bear affect
beat defeat
becoming fitting
begin start
behave act
believable plausible
belly stomach
bendy flexible
beneficent generous
beneficial favorable
bid tender
bizarre weird
blameless innocent
bloodbath massacre
bloodless cold



correct right
couch sofa
crook criminal
crusade campaign
cube dice
curative healing
choosy picky
chop cut
citation quotation
cite quote
class lesson, course
clerk receptionist
clever intelligent
close shut
collapse break down
collect gather
comfort consolation
comic comedian
commencement graduation
complete total
completely totally
concord harmony
condemn sentence
confine restrict
conflict clash
conform comply
confuse mix up
connect associate
considerate thoughtful
constancy fidelity
constant fixed
constitution structure
construction interpretation
consult refer to
contemporary modern
continuous continual
contrary opposite
convention conference
convey communicate
cope manage


disappear vanish
disaster catastrophe
disclaim deny
disclose reveal
discount reduction
disgrace shame
domesticate cultivate
dossier file
dubious doubtful
dull stupid
delicate fragile
demonstrate protest
denationalize privatize
denationalize privatize
denims jeans
denote indicate, represent
deprave corrupt
depraved wicked, evil
desert abandon
deserted abandoned
destiny fate
detached indifferent
devil Satan
dicey risky
differentiate distinguish
diminish decrease
disadvantaged deprived
disagreeable unpleasant


evaluate assess
everlasting eternal
exactly precisely
except apart from
expire run out
explode blow up
extra additional
encounter come across
enormous huge, immense
enquire investigate
equity fairness
especially particularly
essential fundamental
establish set up


formerly previously
fortunate lucky
foxy cunning
foyer lobby
fragrance perfume
function operate
fool idiot
foolish silly
forehead brow
foretell predict