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Urdu Counting 1 to 100 – Urdu Ginti

Urdu Counting 1 to 100 Ginti learn English to Urdu Numbers in this lesson you will get a list of numbers from 0 - 100 in Urdu and English.

Understanding Urdu counting, or Urdu ginti, is key to getting familiar with this beautiful language spoken by millions. The numbers in Urdu have unique sounds and shapes, different from what English speakers are used to. Starting from ‘one’ (ایک – aik) to ‘ten’ (دس – das), learning these basics is the first step in counting in Urdu. For beginners, remembering these numbers can open doors to more conversations and understanding daily life in Urdu-speaking regions. Worksheets and audio tools can be especially helpful for learners to get the pronunciation right. Whether for travel, study, or personal interest, knowing Urdu counting is a valuable skill that connects you to a rich cultural and linguistic history.

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Urdu Counting 1 to 100

Number English Urdu Roman Urdu
1 One ایک Ek
2 Two دو Do
3 Three تین Teen
4 Four چار Chaar
5 Five پانچ Paanch
6 Six چھ Chhe
7 Seven سات Saat
8 Eight آٹھ Aath
9 Nine نو No
10 Ten دس Das
11 Eleven گیارہ Gyarah
12 Twelve بارہ Barah
13 Thirteen تیرہ Terah
14 Fourteen چودہ Chaudah
15 Fifteen پندرہ Pandrah
16 Sixteen سولہ Solah
17 Seventeen سترہ Sattar
18 Eighteen اٹھارہ Atharah
19 Nineteen انیس Unnis
20 Twenty بیس Bees
21 Twenty-One اکیس Ikkis
22 Twenty-Two بائیس Baais
23 Twenty-Three تئیس Tees
24 Twenty-Four چوبیس Chobees
25 Twenty-Five پچیس Pachis
26 Twenty-Six چھببیس Chhabbees
27 Twenty-Seven ستائیس Sattais
28 Twenty-Eight اٹھائیس Atthais
29 Twenty-Nine انتیس Untees
30 Thirty تیس Tees
31 Thirty-One اکتیس Iktees
32 Thirty-Two بتیس Batees
33 Thirty-Three تینتیس Taintees
34 Thirty-Four چونتیس Chuntees
35 Thirty-Five پینتیس Pantees
36 Thirty-Six چھتیس Chhatis
37 Thirty-Seven سینتیس Santees
38 Thirty-Eight اڑتیس Atthees
39 Thirty-Nine انتالیس Untaalis
40 Forty چالیس Chaalees
41 Forty-One اکتالیس Iktalis
42 Forty-Two بیالیس Bayalis
43 Forty-Three تینتالیس Taintalis
44 Forty-Four چوالیس Chawalis
45 Forty-Five پینتالیس Paintalis
46 Forty-Six چھیالیس Chhiyalis
47 Forty-Seven سینتالیس Sintaalis
48 Forty-Eight اٹھتالیس Athtaalis
49 Forty-Nine انچاس Unchaas
50 Fifty پچاس Pachas
51 Fifty-One اکاون Ikawan
52 Fifty-Two باون Baawan
53 Fifty-Three ترِپن Taintaawan
54 Fifty-Four چوّن Chaawan
55 Fifty-Five پچپن Pachpan
56 Fifty-Six چھپن Chhappan
57 Fifty-Seven ستاون Sattaawan
58 Fifty-Eight اٹھاون Athaawan
59 Fifty-Nine انسٹھ Unasth
60 Sixty ساٹھ Saath
61 Sixty-One اکسٹھ Iksath
62 Sixty-Two باسٹھ Baasath
63 Sixty-Three تریسٹھ Tresath
64 Sixty-Four چونسٹھ Chounsath
65 Sixty-Five پینسٹھ Paintsath
66 Sixty-Six چھیاسٹھ Chhiyasath
67 Sixty-Seven ستاسٹھ Sattasath
68 Sixty-Eight اٹھاسٹھ Ashtasath
69 Sixty-Nine انہتر Unhattar
70 Seventy ستر Sattar
71 Seventy-One اکھتر Ikkhattar
72 Seventy-Two بہتر Bahattar
73 Seventy-Three تیہتر Taihattar
74 Seventy-Four چوھتر Chauhattar
75 Seventy-Five پچھتر Pachhattar
76 Seventy-Six چھییتر Chhihattar
77 Seventy-Seven ستھتر Sattarhattar
78 Seventy-Eight اٹھتر Athattar
79 Seventy-Nine اناسی Unasi
80 Eighty اسی Assee
81 Eighty-One اکاسی Ikasi
82 Eighty-Two بیاسی Bayasi
83 Eighty-Three تراسی Tirasi
84 Eighty-Four چوراسی Chourasi
85 Eighty-Five پچاسی Pachasi
86 Eighty-Six چھیاسی Chhiyasi
87 Eighty-Seven ستاسی Sattasi
88 Eighty-Eight اٹھاسی Athaasi
89 Eighty-Nine نواسی Nawasi
90 Ninety نوے Nawe
91 Ninety-One اکانوے Ikanwe
92 Ninety-Two بانوے Banwe
93 Ninety-Three ترانوے Tiranway
94 Ninety-Four چورانوے Chouranwe
95 Ninety-Five پچانوے Pachanwe
96 Ninety-Six چھیانوے Chhiyanwe
97 Ninety-Seven ستانوے Sattanwe
98 Ninety-Eight اٹھانوے Athanwe
99 Ninety-Nine ننانوے Nananwe
100 One Hundred سو So


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