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SUPPOSED TO and WOULD RATHER Usage with Urdu Translation

SUPPOSED TO and WOULD RATHER Usage with Urdu Translation,  Use of SUPPOSED TO with Urdu Sentences of daily use, WOULD RATHER with Urdu translation, Basic English Grammar in Urdu


My brother is supposed to return tomorrow.

میرے بھائی کی واپسی کل تک متوقع ہے۔

The ship was supposed to arrive last night.

جہاز کے  گُزشتہ رات آنے کی توقع تھی۔

They were supposed to deliver the books yesterday.

توقع تھی گزشتہ روز کتابیں حوالے کردیتے۔

I am not supposed to attend on him.

اُس کی خدمت میں حاضر رہنا میرا کام نہیں۔        

I would rather wait outside.

بہتر ہے میں باہر انتظار کروں۔

He would rather walk to office.

 وُہ پیدل دفتر جانے کو ترجیح  دے گا۔

I would rather speak with her in private.

میں اُس سے راز داری میں بات کرنا چاہوں گا۔

He would rather live in a big city like Lahore.

وُہ لاہور جیسے بڑے شہر میں   رہنا پسند کرے گا۔